Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Canada Cover



Jose said...

Dear Fellow Collector,
Very nice blog. Keep up with the good work.
Would you like to exchange blog links?

My blog is: http://stampfriends.blogspot.com/
Please visit!

Best regards

Cheema said...

My Dear Friend!
I hope and pray that you are fine and happy.
I am Cheema from Pakistan. I am interested in a blog link exchange with you. You can see my blog at http://mycoolcovercollection.blogspot.com/
Please add my link to your blog and send me a message on my blog or at faisalcheema44@gmail.com

I can also send you covers or postcards or anything else from Pakistan, if you are interested to swap.

Waiting anxiously for your kind reply
Best Regards
Yours Cheema

Kevin Miller said...

Hi Tuyet Mai,
I like to collect animal-themed stamps, so this Canada cover you showed really interests me.
I looked into an online stamp catalogue I usually visit and found the horse stamp issued on 2005, December 19. It is entitled Animals – Peregrine Falcon & Sable Island Horse.